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artslam's Journal

92 Days of Concept/Character Art. For Realz.
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Draw 1 image a day from a chosen concept, world or set of characters.

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Sign-ups are CLOSED for June 2016! We will re-open sign ups later in this month for July and August.

artslam is a community geared toward character and concept generation: Pick one world, setting, group of characters or concept, then draw one image per day about what you've chosen from June 01 to August 31st. Participants ranging in skill level are all welcome at artslam: working through a concept with many roughs and refining ideas with progress on larger projects are both welcome.

Spend as much time as you want to meet the daily quota: a few minutes out of 24 hours to sketch a headshot of a character is perfectly allowed... but if this is something you're comfortable with, try to push yourself and do something challenging each day! By the end of this challenge, you should have a great big pile of drawings that you can look through and be proud of... but more than that, you'll have ideas put to paper (or digital files) that you can call back on later to develop further.

In the meantime, there's always the nice ego-stroking of participating in an active community and getting comments on your art!

Photobucket and Flickr are two adequate image hosting sites, if you need a place to upload your artwork!

We are the illegitimate stepchild of artgrind -- drawing 183 images from June to November of a single character!

Special Thanks:
neogeen for helping found the community, act in the capacity of moderator and creative director, and for generally kicking ass during Artslam 2009
ilyat for acting in the capacity of moderator during Artslam 2009
jkatkina for acting in the capacity of moderator during Artslam 2010