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92 Days of Concept/Character Art. For Realz.

vester feathers

c/ping last year's post PLAGIARISM GO


ArtSlam runs from June 1st to August 31st, providing a summer-long challenge that is simple on the surface: draw something every day. For this community, we prefer that you pick a concept and stick with it for at least one month. If you have a world that you want to explore with art, or a set of characters, this is a great place to do it! If you're shaky with perspective, background art, anatomy, or just really want to draw 30 pandas, you can hone your focus that-a-way, too.

What constitutes 'a drawing a day'? A sketch works -- preferably one where we can see what you're trying to communicate. Finishing an image takes more time, so noticeable progress on a single piece works, too.

Username:<lj user="insert username here">
Goal at ArtSlam signup: Insert difficulty rating here: Hard (3 Months), Medium (2 Months), Easy (1 Month). You can change this towards the end of June or July if you like. One concept == one challenge, so switching means you'll be doing two or three different challenges.
Links: Insert any pertaining links to other galleries: dA | FA |Personal site | Sketchblog | Tumblr
Concept: Art? Both? Tell us about your project for your first challenge -- stay positive: you'll do awesomely. :D

(Just for fun and pre-slam discussion -- feel free to fill these out or delete them, or add topics of your own if you'd like to talk about something else.)
Who is your favourite artist or author? Links?:
When did you start drawing? What do you love about it the most?:
Any shout outs in particular for other ArtSlammers this year?:
What's one thing you'd like to improve in the most over this summer?:
Have you participated in past ArtSlams? Which ones?:
If yes to the above, where are those projects now? Have any success stories that budded out of an ArtSlam challenge?:

You know the drill! We only have 8 days left to sign up for Hard mode, starting in June and lasting through August!

AS I'M NOT REALLY A MOD and I don't use tumblr, I have no idea what's going on over there! And that means I can't make new tags for new folks D: For vets though, everything should work the same as normal.

good luck to everyone and hope to see y'all in June!

anyone out there?
vester feathers
squid was here

tumblr is a loser

but seriously are we going to slam this year? I mean I am even if y'all aren't but y'know

Portfolio/Progress post.

Just wanted to make one last post to show my progress and compare things to older art because that's always fun.
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By the way, thanks everyone for Artslam this year! It's been great drawing with you! If it weren't for everyone, I'd never get that kick in the ass to do art. Everyone's comments were so helpful, and seeing how everyone does things gave me so many more ideas on how to do things. I feel like this year I'm finally improving in areas that had been really vague to me before. And I also loved getting the chance to think about some details of my story. It reminds me how important it is to get people together to share in ideas and ask questions you wouldn't think to ask yourself. It's been a really great three months, people! Hope to see you all again next year!!
- Jennifer

Cael's Days 87 - 92
Jonsi - Coloured Brainsplatter
Whoops, a day late for the final post! I was going to do it last night but the week caught up with me and I got crazy tired... but, hey, it is here now!


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Laitma Day 92
Last day-!!!  I felt bad for not having gotten around to any comic stuff this summer, so I roughed up some pages; wanted to go out with a bang, hahah!

And ahhh yes, places to find me, hmmm...
I'm really most active over at my DeviantArt; sometimes I remember to upload to my Tumblr too, but it's all just my dumber sketches hahaha.
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You guys all had so much interesting art to show too, and this seems to have been a good summer for most people, I loved seeing the stories and characters and just art in general flow!  Thanks so much guys for a great Artslam, and here's to many more!!  :)

Day 92!!!!

Still gonna put up one more post to show my progress and thank everyone, but in essence this is it!!

For my last picture I decided to redo a sketch from my first Artslam. I hope I've improved!
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Keep up with me on DA, SineSquared
and FB, Jennifer Hina
and my blog on LJ
Oh, and I have a website that I forget to update regularly.

And if anyone's interested let's do an art trade!
- Jennifer

Teazombie: day 25-31 with bonus
DMC | Vergil
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Edit Eh, can't forget to tell where I'm off season now can I?

my website

...and you can chat me up on skype: teazombie

Now then... anyone have creative plans for September? I'll be doing some stuff in Blender (in fact you've just seen some sketches for it;) ), and do some work on my highly neglected website.

My left is slowly getting better. So be aware you'll probably be bombarded with late comments in a few days;)

Day 92 of Asylum - Finale
Xavier cookie
And that as they say is that for another year! Crazy ass life bullshit still happened but less death this time round, survived another year and no mass revolts over me keeping things ticking over happened whoo! :) Things went pear shaped still but managed not too bad all things considered.

My galleries will be hit by ArtSlam stuff post holiday as I start prep towards this years 11/11 images, one my usual, one will be Red Ribbons related since it starts right smack in 1920 just after The Great War to stop a great void as I vanish off the face of the earth till November.

Other places to find me sides from here:

Reblog Tumblr, if you want a bit of everything from art to photos to adorable
Ramblings Tumblr, little snippets of just about anything that fell out my brain. Put two up today in fact.
Red Ribbons Tumblr
Twitter for all your rambling gaming/art ranting/other things needs

Thank you for another successful year and hope to see you again when signups go live next May nothing exploding in the mean time permitting!

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SendingAuron: Day 61-92
slacker hacker

*flies in at the last moment*

This has been, hands down, a crazy, maddening, awesome, confusing, recharge of a summer. Here's the rest - a mashup of sketches and tidbits and then my camera stopped working and I have no scanner. :P

Pretty big post incoming!

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Deerheadlights Day 92
odyle, what, salamander

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